Dr Rolf andThe Why of S.I.

Structural Integration uses fascia as the means of communication with a body. The whole of the body, consciousness and mind, trauma and the past, instincts and habits….or a person if you prefer.

The keyboard fascia affords us can be used to access our non conscious supercomputer, our own CERN accelerator if you like. Unlike the comparatively tablet like mind, the part that thinks in words and speaks, the supercomputer communicates in feeling. This part records everything that ever happened to you and probably your ancestors.
If you can learn the sensory language of this 4 trillion bit per second miracle, you can invite it to change.

This bit governs posture, the expression in the physical form of a body of everything that has ever happened to you and your ancestors. It is also representative of how we feel about our life and its perceived burdens, quite fortunately the bit that we can put our hands on.

As a practitioner of this scientific art, you are graciously invited by a person to engage with their structure and help it get better. A more balanced, efficient , grounded, version of you. The consequence of this new experience of body is often supportive of an exploration of a deeper sense of who we are , our potential and direction in life.  

Often as a happy byproduct of this exploration of our structure, aches, pains  and symptoms fade or even disappear. As you order the segments of an individuals body and being  your hands communicate your intention to make space, to balance, to de-stress, to change, to heal, to grow, to feel and to integrate. The impact at the micro levels of the body can be subtle yet powerful, at the macro, expansive and profound.
The Key map in navigating this incredible territory is the “recipe” Of Dr Ida P. Rolf. A recipe rather than a rule book, the 10 series of Dr Rolf provides the map, the mechanism and finally a north star to aim for.

Dr Ida was quoted as saying there is no such thing as a closed end revelation. She illustrated the point by referring to the initial revelation of osteopathy and chiropractic regarding the relationship between spinal alignment and body function. This came from the earlier revelation from Alexander, that a well aligned head and neck led to functional improvements in voice and decreased likelihood of malfunction.

The following revelation was that of Cranial Osteopathy or Cranial Sacral that the alignment available in the spine could be achieved by focusing on the cranium and/or the sacrum.

She felt her revelation was to extend the idea of the relationship between structure and function to include the whole body (and thus person). By systematically unravelling posture one step at a time, effectively encompassing both the micro and the macro view of a person, she observed change and consistencies that seemed to self evolve.

In effect she allowed the intelligence of the non conscious CERN super computer to drive and balance the process in conjunction with the field of gravity and the intention/contact of the practitioner.

Once this aspect of an individual is in synergy with the therapists actions it trusts and can be trusted to illicit just the right amount of change and at just the right time. It can integrate, change, create, begin working on the next aspect the practitioner will address and finally present a set of symptoms and observations to guide the next recipe moment. Neat huh?

When observed from the highest level, individuals find rolfing when they are ready for something to change. Many observe this on the level of body, self-image, function, disfunction and pain. Others feel the splinter in the mind or stone in the shoe, That something just doesn’t feel right within. others still are about to embark on some great change in life and instinctively feel the value of this process of structural integration, in facilitating that.

From a practitioner point of view, those coming from other therapeutic professions and vocations, may recognise the burnout they experience with their practice, the energy drain that comes from owning another’s process and healing. Maybe you found the limits of a particular philosophy or skillset, the frustration of wanting things to change more or further…

For me personally, I felt I had reached the end of playing splat-the-rat “fixing bits” as they led me a merry dance, with no end, around the body. Practice can be lonely sometimes and having a tribe around you who speak the same language, who you can consider your colleagues and friends, felt important. I was introduced to practitioners that blew my mind; Nilce, David, Neil, Peter, Emmett.

Once I saw how they worked, I was hooked. The change , the order, the balance, the face shining like a lighthouse at the end. It looked like magic to me… and well, they all had that magical air around them, shone a little brighter, were wonderful people.

In the end, the decision passed tipping point once I realised I wanted to be just like them. In life, in work, in character. Decision made….