Basic Training (Bath)

The Guilds Basic training programme kicks off in Feb 2020 in the UK and promises to be a little special. We have both Ales Urbanizek, the head of the European guild and Nilce Silveira, One of the SI Elders and Godmother of the Guild and discipline delivering this programme. Anyone who has been lucky enough to spend time with our elders will tell you how auspicious a start this to have them both involved.

The course is taught in the method and manner of Dr Rolf but has been adapted to a more user friendly format. It runs over 20 extended weekends over 20 months beginning in Feb 2020. The total time and learning commitment roughly compare with a bachelors degree course although the educational environment is more akin to an eastern masters apprenticeship or submersive “jedi” training.

The learning follows the Phases designed by Dr Rolf, First the introduction, where new ideas and knowledge are introduced and extensively discussed, a modern biophysics look at anatomy and physiology, and chance to dive into the grand narratives and players of this wonderful philosophy. This section will open the eyes wide whilst beginning to see bodies and a person fully, will begin to discern this wonderful facet of biology know as fascia (or the integumen – the “new” organ of structure) and apply this to contacting and creating change with this wonderful tissue, so fundamental to the human condition

Auditing phase is the next aspect, as the pad wan begins to discern segments, layers and relationships, much time is spent “seeing” the elders work, discussing and dissecting the work, Objective and subjective scrutiny. Knowledge is tested on the couch, and excitingly for the student lots of work will be received and they will begin to explore ‘See-feeling” and technique as they begin approaching bodies. This phase is a delightful socratic, collegiate, educational playground where the skills and philosophies of practice can be flexed, bent or even broken to form the ideas and beliefs that will create the intention and subsequently the practice of the graduate.

Practitioning phase is a roller coaster. It begins at a gentle jog with lots of observing and discussing, recapping, recalibration and refining ideas. It the rapidly dives into a long segment of doing the work. Each day will be filled with receiving work, delivering work to fellow padwans and also raw bodies and people will be brought in from outside to provide materials from which to sculpt. Skills of seeing , see-feeling (One of Neil Powers- international guild president and original student of Dr Rolf- famous expressions) , touch, palpation, differentiation, integration and most importantly the science of intention become osmotically embedded and extensively explored and refined. For the would be practitioner this phase is a whirlwind of change and wisdom as they progress into graduation.

Students will have access to our eminently practical, yet immensely inspiring “Grow” coaching and therapeutic practice programme. This is designed to offer direct assistance and support in turning an exemplary skillset into a thriving practice and allows access to some of the best minds in the game. It will include, mentoring, how to guides- to start up, to conscious marketing, practice development, self care and personal practice and more

This feature will be group online sessions, with extensive online resources, semi private workshops on topic areas and also one to one guidance. It will include access to our online learner management system and resources (under construction as i type) and will also include discounts for continuing professional development programme too

Ultimately our aim with this basic programme  is to ensure our graduates go on to enjoy long and happy practices, doing something amazing that the folks of the world increasingly need. To do something you love, for people who need and appreciate it, and to be well rewarded for doing so. We believe that is a path to thriving.

This also brings you into the worldwide tribe of practitioners of the Dr Rolf Method who are a fantastic, engaging and interesting bunch, pushing the boundaries of knowledge of the human condition. This is priceless and to have that collegiate and compassionate brethren on board with you is to be part of a wonderful lineage and tradition